Behind The Tracks: OUTMAYR - The Dawn Of The Day After (Single) (2023)

"Do you know what it feels like to be lost? The feeling is that of having lost your way, or never having found one. The weight you feel on your chest and the shortness of breath are symptoms of a choking, breathtaking panic clouding your thoughts. Then comes the avalanche effect: we start to ruminate on the past, on how we've wasted our lives, and on the wrong decisions that one after the other have dug the hole that is our future. And we find ourselves at the bottom, looking up and believing that it's too late, even for hope. That’s what our new single "The Dawn Of The Day After" talks about. However, the message of the song is not one of surrender. As a band, we don't want to turn a blind eye to the problems affecting our generations, but we can't live in victimhood and passivity. The lyrics aim to show what lies beyond the darkness of our thoughts when despite having no idea what we want to do or where we're going, we keep moving, one step at a time. It's an invitation to always try, with or without hope, because in the end, what do we have to lose when we have nothing to lose?".

In terms of music, the band chose to back to the roots of the genre: "The music brilliantly conveys this message, with melodies and choruses that are memorable upon first listen, and compelling rhythms: a clear nod to the Metalcore of the early 2000s, reworked with synths and electronic productions that have an epic feel. We have chosen to use rawer, less polished sounds to communicate at a musical level the transparency and sincerity that distinguish us as a band. ‘The Dawn Of The Day After' speaks to everyone: whether it's your boss, the friend with the permanent smile, or the apparently careless person. Everyone feels lost at some point. The difference is made when we stop standing still and decide to act, in any direction, for our own good. With the release of this single, we can already say that 2024 will be a year full of new developments for our project and all the people who support our music. The Metalcore made in Italy is back".

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