Behind The Tracks: The Pulse-Escape Method - BeNt (Single) (2023)

Generally, when writing it normally starts with an experience that I need to resolve within myself. I’ll name the song, and try and come up with a line. I’ll try jamming out riffs that I feel are relative to this emotion. Once I have these in place I try to channel the wave of this experience as I navigate through it. I want to make sure the music is honest to the meaning and represents what I’m trying to get out. For this song in particular, I wrote it after my son was born. Looking at him, I just wanted for him to avoid a lot of the mistakes I made growing up. I was a problem child with a good heart. I don’t want that for him (the problem part) and I felt the best way I can communicate this was through a song. He will certainly be the one to call his own shots, but it’s something I want him to hold onto while making his own decisions. I hope it helps him and anyone who listens to take a smarter path than they otherwise would.

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