Track By Tracks: Aries Field - Capsizing The Horizon (2023)

1. Reflections:

Reflections are the intro of the record, which tries to picture whatever emotions one feels when one sees their reflection in the water. It can simply be sprinkles of lights on the waves. Let’s see where this goes.

2. Baptism:

Baptism is a song about letting go of someone or something for the greater good. It is short for Baptism Of Fire, which is when a soldier goes to war for the first time: this allegorically refers to the first time one gets really hurt by life and decides to sacrifice the easy path for altruistic reasons. Or for cowardice, maybe?

3. Valkyrie:

Valkyrie is an anthem to fight against all odds. It is depicted from the point of view of a Viking waiting for a Valkyrie to bring him to Valhalla.

4. y05:

y05 is a song about missing opportunities and the need for closure.

5. Whispers:

Whispers are the little evil voices in your head. You can’t even hear them, but they are there telling lies.

6. Cradle:

Cradle is a brief interlude where the listener gets lost at sea and is left cradled by the tide.

7. Chained:

Chained is about being trapped in old memories that are hard to let go.

8. Praey:

Praey was originally thought as being the prey of your nightmares, and it is a song about insomnia and all the noise your thoughts make when you try to sleep. However, the thin line between “prey” and “pray” made me add an additional letter to the title. But it does not have any religious meaning.

9. The Hunting:

The Hunting is the follow-up to pray. Now the listeners are deep into the nightmare and they are being hunted by their own demons.

10. Undeniable:

Undeniable is inspired by the novels of H. P. Lovecraft, and it describes the fuzzy feeling of being trapped between dream and reality. Does the listener want to wake up or stay there?

11. Ritual:

Ritual is emotionally very heavy. With this song, I tried to describe what a person goes through while ending their life by jumping off a bridge.

12. Wide As The Ocean:

Wide As The Ocean is an acoustic ballad that connects to the previous song as a response to it. This is me convincing the person on the edge not to jump. So where Ritual does not leave any room for hope, Wide As The Ocean tries to push it back and motivate whoever is listening not to let go.

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