Track By Tracks: Atria - Ground Zero (2023)

The EP as a whole:

There’s a lot of anger towards not only myself but the world we live in. I try to be hopeful, but I also try to dig into what’s making me angry. It’s therapeutic, cathartic, but it’s really hard. It comes from a real place and it’s not always fun.

Track By Track explained:

1. Ground Zero is the moment that you first pray to God and realize that there will never be an answer.

2. Antiheroes is about losing faith in the government and media.

3. Dysmorphia is about body dysmorphia and the way the media will sell you a dream that will never come true.

4. Just a Number is about knowing how hard you work every day, you’re nothing more than a cog in a machine and it’s all pointless.

5. The Brightest Lights is a lullaby to my unborn dead child.

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