Track By Tracks: Beyond God - The Great Divide (2023)

1. Cronos:

‘Cronos’ was written by our bass player Dennis, who was fascinated by the Greek mythological story of Cronos. We could not have had a better opener for our album. 

2. Frostbite:

‘Frostbite’ tells the story of a person who is stuck in a certain situation, maybe a bad home environment or relationship, and is not able to get out of there on their own. It is written in comparison with the four stages of frostbite. Only help from someone with warmth and love can save you now.

3. Coronation:

‘Coronation’ is about the struggling times through the Coronavirus pandemic. Only when we realize what is actually going on and unite as one, can we overcome it. 

4. Heartbreaker:

‘Heartbreaker’ was inspired by the story of Sarah Everard in 2021. The multiple stories in different languages in the bridge of the song show how this is a worldwide problem. It is horrible that your life can be taken away just like that. 

5. The Great Divide:

‘The Great Divide’ described the division of a nation over certain topics. Again, only love and peace will bring us together as one.

6. A Siren's Cry: 

‘A Siren’s Cry’ was inspired by the story of the sailors and the sirens in the ocean. Don’t listen to their deceiving voices and definitely don't jump in the water! Do let yourself be intrigued by the song and Meryl’s voice.

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