Track By Tracks: DEORBIT - Retrogradient (2023)

About the album as a whole:
The album is based on the Carl Sagan quote: “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” You can see this in the album art and hopefully through the music.

Track by Track Explained:

1. Retrogradient:

The road backward: tracing the origins of humanity back to the Big Bang.

“Perihelion”-The point in orbit when Earth is closest to the sun, probably the most aggressive track.

2. Terrakinetic:

Lumbering and focused on a simple groove, mimicking the mechanics of moving the earth.

3. Lunambulant:

Ethereal track meant to portray walking on the moon.

4. Glaciovore:

Clashing melodies are meant to portray an icy atmosphere, leading to something more monstrous towards the end.

5. Calderasure:

Erosion of the earth, placing the listener at the depths.

6. Senescence:

The aging of all things, loss of youthful exuberance, the trials leading toward expiration.

7. Stratolith:

A surreal imagining of the vastness of the sky being replaced with the boundaries of stone.

8. Deorbit:

A gradual falling out of the gravitational pull of the sun, shown in the note and tempo choices. The record ends on a mournful yet hopeful note, showing that the system we were bound to may have inhibited its full potential.

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