Track By Tracks: Galundo Tenvulance - Lunar Eclipture (2023)

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Galundo Tenvulance invites us on a riveting auditory journey through their latest album, "Lunar Eclipture". Infused with symphonic, deathcore, metalcore, and melodic death metal elements, each of the eleven tracks presents a kaleidoscopic array of inspirations and meanings, exemplifying the band’s unique blend of aggressive and melodic sonorities.

Track-by-Track Descent into Dream and Chaos:

The album opens with "Red Raven", a sonic explosion of gorgeous orchestrations, breakdowns, and lead guitar melodies, setting the stage for what's to come. The journey continues with “Crescharis”, an auditory manifestation of a fictional evil god, illustrating the band’s penchant for blending Western and Eastern concepts. A nod to their Japanese heritage, “Lifeshaker” incorporates melodies inspired by Enka and Showa-kayo, while “Leave This Nightmare” revives a beloved melody from a 2018 demo.

“Solemn Oath”, designed for the streaming era, contrasts sharply with the Megadeth-influenced “My Curse, Our Desire”. “Reminiscence Of Vanity” echoes baroque classical pieces, while humorously titled “Stake My Life” and “Jugulate” delve into In Flames-style melodies and symphonic death metal respectively. The album crescendos with “Therefore I Am” and concludes with “Mystified Reiteration”, offering a lyrical end to a dynamic journey.

Crafting a Symphony of Aggression and Emotion:

Drawing influences from Mors Principium Est, Children Of Bodom, and Dimmu Borgir, the band crafts a harmonious chaos. The bold use of breakdowns, a hallmark of their sound, amalgamates with emotional guitar solos and lavish orchestrations to create a balance of aggression and melody. The collaboration with Zack Ohren, renowned for his work with bands like Machine Head and Warbringer, further elevates the sonic experience, transforming the guitar sound and refining the drum elements.

Challenges, Evolution, and Pacing:

“Reminiscence Of Vanity” posed a creative challenge, marking the band’s first venture into an In Flames style three-note song, while “Red Raven” and “Lifeshaker” effortlessly embodied the essence of Galundo Tenvulance. The interplay between slow and rapid-fire tracks cultivates a dynamic experience, with the band hinting at an evolved approach to pacing in their upcoming second album.

Unique Identity in the Japanese Metal Scene:

With its distinctive amalgamation of aggressive and melodic elements, along with the visually chaotic yet harmonious artwork, "Lunar Eclipture" carves a unique space for Galundo Tenvulance in the world of Melodic Death Metal, especially within the Japanese metal scene. The blend of Eastern and Western influences, intricate compositions, and the visually arresting artwork make this album a rarity, and a testament to the band’s innovative musical exploration.

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