Track By Tracks: Last In Time - Too Late (2023)

The album as a whole:

The album is a journey, bringing together various musical influences. A rock album that combines the melody of AOR, the power of hard rock and metal, with a nod to 90s progressive rock. All of this is enhanced by the grandeur of choirs that will make even the most serious want to scream at the top of their lungs.

Track by track:

1. The way to rock:

In the lyrics of this song, I basically tell the story of what drove me to play music and what emotions led me on my musical journey. When I was a guitar teacher, I was struck by an image. My students who were preparing for a concert had incredible enthusiasm. They reminded me of what inspired me to play and what music meant to me. They unknowingly inspired me to write this song.

2. How long:

This song talks about the relationship of friendship. How difficult it is to receive back what you give. In the end, you decide to behave with loyalty (which also involves sacrifice at times) towards others and realize that we often do it for self-love. Essentially, we do it because it is right (or we believe it is right) at an "ethical" level, but in the end, you wonder... how long can I bear that I never receive back what I believe I have given? You do it to "save your soul," to feel at peace with yourself because you are made that way, aware that many do not deserve the time/affection you give them. In practice, you feel altruistic, but in reality, you do it out of egocentrism and often because you unconsciously expect something in return. It is obviously a reflection/self-criticism.

3. Believer in love:

It inspired me the story of two dear friends who got divorced. I imagined the sensations and emotions that lead a person to end a relationship that lasted for years, despite having a child. I imagined the convictions that make you think that there is always something better outside of your home. Obviously, I also took on the parts of the woman and how she might react to her partner while he is telling her they are breaking up. This is why there is a duet between a man and a woman exchanging opinions. Believing in love is ultimately a provocation. It mocks a person who convinces themselves to live love regardless of their responsibilities, mythologizing the feeling and nourishing self-love without staying connected to the life they have built, seeking refuge in a myth/dream.

4. Moonlight Dreamers:

It's about two people who meet in a bar. Lost in their thoughts, they get to know each other. They spend the night together, and in the end, when they wake up, they wonder if something more than a mere flirtation will develop...

5. The Animal:

The animal, for me, is music. As if it were a part of my soul speaking and reminding me why I am the person I am. Like everyone else, I had to set aside my dreams to make room for daily life. The animal is that part of my soul, my unconscious, that occasionally awakens and screams at me to seize the bull by its horns. It's a friend that never abandons me, a constant in life.

6. Too Late:

This song is an analysis (from my point of view) of how society is moving and how I perceive it. We are all focused on showing our best side, as if having flaws or weaknesses were a handicap. We are all know-it-alls, not admitting our mistakes, flaws, and weaknesses. This leads to a mess in terms of human relationships and quality of life. I talk about the fact that we are all immersed in this context to such an extent that we don't realize that we are all part of it, we complain but in the end, we are all part of it (as they say... let him who is without sin cast the first stone). Therefore, I end the reflection with the chorus, which says:

Too late? To be who you want to be, there is no other way, there is always something to pay. What you are is what you do, it's never too late to go back.

The meaning is... let's not complain if we do nothing to change ourselves either. If you want to be yourself and show yourself for who you are, there is always something to pay (criticism, exclusion, etc.), it all depends on what kind of person you want to be.

7. Mr. Fantastic:

Written at a particular moment in my life. Essentially, it is my anthem to tell the assholes to fuck off. I hate slimy people... Mr. Fantastic describes the worst dark sides of the people I have encountered (slimy, fake, opportunistic), and I have made them into one person.

8. Winter in May:

I wrote this song for my father. He passed away when I was 6 years old. The lyrics then took a different turn, it is not just about him, but ultimately about everything that happened in my family and what it meant emotionally for me, my brother, and my mother.

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