Track By Tracks: Lies We Sold - Adrift In The Mist (2023)

The entire EP is really centered around a main theme: "loss and the search for answers." Each song then delves into an aspect of this theme. Each title is always conceived in a "cinematic" way because I always envision the music videos as I write the lyrics. Each song tells a story and can be interpreted differently based on one's own experiences and feelings. That's also why I often use a different metaphor for each track.

1. Ethereal Dreams:

This song is more about the quest for answers. My songs are always written in an open-ended manner. It could very well be the search for answers about someone who has committed suicide, understanding how that person reached that point.

2. Lost And Found:

In this track, I wanted to explore someone who finds themselves in the afterlife searching for someone. But it's a theme that recurs in almost all the songs. Will we manage to recover from the loss of a loved one, and so on?

3. Journey to Rebuild:

This song is a continuation of the previous one. We come to terms with it and learn to live with this loss. We accept it and rebuild ourselves afterward.

4. Cracked Open:

Here, I wanted to delve into the flaws we all have and why we struggle to fill them. When we lose a bit of hope, we look for answers wherever we can. But it echoes the previous song. We have to rebuild ourselves no matter what happens.

5. A Lonely Climb:

Finally, here I talk more about how we can rebuild ourselves. It's a personal journey, and external help doesn't matter much. It's an introspective and solitary walk. That's why I used the metaphor of the mountain here; we have to climb the steps alone to get there.

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