Track By Tracks: Metal Life Crisis - Theatre Of Fire (2023)

Theatre Of Fire is our second contribution to a genre we’ve championed for decades. Focused on power, passion, and emotion, Theatre Of Fire weaves the listener through 11 tracks of our musical growth.

1. When It Returns:

With its haunting beginning When It Returns explores the heartbreaks, strengths, and triumphs of Cancer diagnosis and treatment. This song originally written for three of our loved ones has come to symbolize strength and support for all going through hardships in life.

2. Question I Answer Who?:

This is a fun poke at those Discovery Channel shows wether they’d be searching for Bigfoot the Chupacabra etc, every time the moment of truth was about to be revealed they would go to commercial. Ha Ha.

3. Balentree Moor:

Classic powerful metal song based on the Penny Dreadful series notably Verbis Diablo, The Night-comers, and Little Scorpion episodes. The adventures of Vanessa Ives intertwine perfectly Through the wild ride of the song.

4. Theatre Of Fire:

Title track and inspiration for the artwork. Theatre Of Fire is about the last production of a theater company losing funding and who is to blame? It’s really a metaphor for the destruction of Earth but the twist is we all are watching the last production.

5. The Beast:

Abuse in the church. One of the earliest songs written that made it to the album.

6. The Elite Obsolete:

Another early song. This took a little time to finish until we stumbled upon the crushing ending riff. Exploring artificial intelligence the song centers on what happens when the intellectually elite make themselves obsolete through creation.

7. Jie Ateina Nuzudyti:

Lithuanian for They Come For The Kill, tells of the battles between Hannibal Barca and Publius Cornelius Scipio. Hannibal ultimately was defeated by Scipio at the battle of Zama. This song features great drum and bass syncopation and a soaring harmony solo.

8. Your Light:

Heavy Classic riff, deals with depression and suicide although the person in the story has so much life and positivity around them they cannot hold on.

9. Mirror Mirror:

The age-old where has time gone saga. A woman looking into the mirror and trying to change her chosen path by shattering it.

10. Darkening Heart:

From the Brutal opening riff to the stabbing drum beat this screams Progressive Power Metal! The lyrics have a Raven menacing the world as it reaps dread over all that crosses its sight.

11. Noise In My Head:

The last song was written while we were recording Theatre Of Fire. Although it begins with the lullaby guitar intro it erupts into a monster. Dealing with alien abduction the main character and two friends are abducted and probed he is returned but his two friends are not. Feeling guilt for not being able to protect them he is absorbed by the noise of them in his head.

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