Track By Tracks: MÖRT - Fabulas Vulgaris (2023)

1. Selle loo sõnad:

“Selle loo sõnad” meaning “Lyrics to this song” is exactly what the title suggests. We came up with the idea that there hasn’t been a song, where the lyrics just describe what’s happening in the song. Let the lyrics be your guide through the universe of verses, pre-choruses, and choruses so that even the most unmusical person would know exactly what's up.


“Mendid” is the slang term for “coppers” in Estonian and although you can hear the word many times throughout the song, it actually has nothing to do with cops. The Estonian language uses suffixes a lot, so plural nouns can have “-mendid” at the end of the word.

3. Jääk Joalast:

This is a classic Mört type of lyrical approach. There used to be a well-known singer, called Jaak Joala, who was known all over the Soviet Union. In his honor, a statue was ejected, but since it looked so bad that even Han Solo in carbonite looks like the work of Michelangelo, it was quickly removed. Know it even has its own Wikipedia page.


Since it is a trying time, we live, we had to write a song called “Without Z”. A song about some guys thinking they can take the letter Z and ruin it for everyone else. Just like the nazis ruined the swastika.


A play on Estonian proverbs – a bunch of old Estonian sayings put in a blender and the result is here. Not even ChatGTP can’t translate this one so that it would make any sense.

6. Aquamees:

What if you’re the god of seas, but you kinda lack in abilities? Here’s where Aquaman comes in. Superhero, but is he really? Let’s find out.

7. Un-Drus (feat. Kristel Aaslaid):

Over the years Estonia has had many successful athletes, that have brought home numerous medals from sporting events from all around the world. Often it comes with a price of one being put down by media afterwards. Some of these Estonian athletes even share the same first name.

8. Tsükkel:

Oh yes, the struggle of everyday life. 3/5ths of Mört are already in that stage, where offspring has been produced, so the brutal gears of daily struggle are grinding hard. What better way to cope with it, than put it in a song?

9. Suunamudin:

The word “influencing” in Estonian. A song about how some people a willing to do pretty much anything to get people to like them on social media.

10. Täitsa lõpp:

Meaning also “Totally the end”, seemed like a good way to close the album. A song about a guy who can’t wait for the world to end.

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