Track By Tracks: NecroticGoreBeast - Repugnant (2023)

1. Repugnant:

This song was one of the initial ones we came up with. The vibe was great because we wanted to create a distinct vibe for this album compared to our previous ones. This song is perfectly suited to set the tone for the entire album. We've always been interested in the wickedness of men, the dark and ugly side of humanity. The essence of this track is to expose how this ugliness is present in all of us, regardless of our intentions.

2. Unsedated Face Removal:

The best musical transition from our previous albums can be found in this track. Super heavy riffs, tempo changes, slam riffs, and an extra fast ending all come together in this song. While we aimed to provide a unique experience, we think that this one is a perfect fit for fans of our previous albums. As we said, we want to expose the wickedness of men. What's better than a good old-fashioned unsedated face peel? The title is very subjective, we like the idea of projecting images that fit the vibe of the songs.

3. Consensual Castration:

This one was inspired by an article we found on the internet talking about two guys who mutually agreed to meet and film their castration. In a dark way, the idea was both absurd and really funny. Like we said, we all have some wickedness in us! This song is certainly the one that fits the most with the idea of presenting a totally unique vibe for the album. This song is not typical for the brutal death metal and slam scene. We hope that its uniqueness, including Matt McGachy from Cryptopsy, will be welcomed!

4. Self-Inflicted Cerebral Edema:

The song is swift and brutal with some catchy Dying Fetus-inspired riffs. You can also add a Suffocation-like influence but jacked up on steroids. We believe that the title is a good fit for the song's brutality: it's relentless from beginning to end.

5. Gouged Eye Copulation:

Still in line with the theme of the album, we thought that talking about gouging an eye and having sex with the orifice was both graphic and really funny! Musically, this one starts with a totally different vibe, a super slow riff to start the song. It quickly picks up with some catchy, brutal riffs that could be described as an Ingested mash-up.

6. Masturbated to Death:

The inspiration for this song came from a story we discovered online about a man who masturbated compulsively for an entire week and ultimately passed away from dehydration. The background story is really funny, and the title is a tongue-in-cheek kind of humor that we really enjoy. it's probably the heaviest song on the album. It also features Jonatha Huber (Bludgeoned). We came across Jon during our show at Chicago Domination Fest last summer. We're huge fans of each other's work, so when we asked Jon if he was interested, it was a huge yes. His vocal style is a perfect match for our singer John (Mayer).

7. Nail Clipping Circumcision:

This one was inspired when our drummer JP was clipping his toenails and had a flash: putting your foreskin into a nail clipper must be one of the most agonizing experiences ever. The flash was so funny, it was really easy to get inspired and write a short story about a guy cutting his own foreskin with a nail clipper. Musically, it's definitely one of the most well-crafted songs on the album. Anyone who has been following us from the beginning will definitely see a different vibe with this one: different drum patterns and melodic guitars. We are looking forward to people's appreciation of the difference in this one!

8. Ruptured Priapism:

The background story is based on a medical condition where one person experiences prolonged erections and causes a significant amount of pain. The idea of a man having a prolonged erection, rupturing his penis, and dying from bleeding was hilarious to us! This song was created to complement the previous one in musical terms, and they were essentially made together!

9. Phlebotomized:

This one is interesting because it contrasts completely with the over-the-top titles we had on the album. It has a more serious subject that is more subjective, abstract, and darker. The song is completely different from our previous albums. Fans of Disentomb will definitely appreciate this one.

10. Frozen Feces Evisceration: 

The title's origin is not completely clear. The legend says that it was inspired by an internet meme that was drawn extremely poorly in Microsoft Paint where a dude shits on a plate, put it in a freezer, put it out, goes outside naked, stab to death a bystander, and proceed to f**k the hell out of the stab wound. This song is basically a huge punch in the face to end the album, with super fast riffs, breakdowns, and huge gutturals. Certain bands prefer to conclude with endings that are more progressive and experimental. It's basically an exclamation point for what we consider to be the definition of brutal death metal in its raw form.

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