This song introduces the listener to a Sludge / Doom Metal universe. The atmosphere is creeping, greatly inspired by bands like Grief or Meth Drinker. The title essentially talks about fighting depression. As man moves through life, he collects wounds as trophies and accumulates scars. Some use these experiences to rise above. However, there are those who concentrate on all the negative aspects of his existence. This scum allows that poison to permeate his mind and body, eventually contaminating his outer world when he can no longer contain it. The survival instinct of man pushes him to resist and endure despite hardships, but sometimes he is close to giving up and finally reaches the bottom. “Ordure Alpha” speaks of that exact moment.


“Cour Bestiale” is a hybrid of several genres and inspirations, with a much more expansive sound. The beginning of the track does not hide the influences of Industrial Meta mainstays like Godflesh and Swans. The end, however, is closer to post-metal bands, with layers of more atmospheric guitars and a more sustained tempo. This track tells a story in which man is a predator, a harmful beast programmed to attack others. He fights against his animalistic instincts and the temptation to do evil. However, try as he may, he fails, succumbing to his instincts. As such, the listener is plunged into his sordid fantasies.


This is the most extreme track on the album. The atmosphere can be likened to Drone Doom Metal bands like Moss or Khanate. The tempo is slow and the sonic palate is particularly heavy. The lyrics marry well with this sinister sound, speaking once again of depression and how it feels to evolve in a world without flavor and advance without purpose. The piece can also be perceived as a satire on the condition of man, condemned to work in the mundane uniformity of the day-to-day without ever being able to truly flourish.


The final track speaks of self-destruction, resignation, and suicide. Musically, it is the longest and most ambitious track of the record. The atmospheres and influences are varied, the song begins with brutal Sludge and ends in something closer to Power Electronics or Harsh Noise. Lyrically, it is the most pessimistic title by far. Throughout the piece, we evolve alongside an exhausted individual that ends up considering death as an option to relieve his suffering. “Demain Charogne” brings the album to a close in a powerful and disturbing way.

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