Behind The Artworks: PEINE KAPITAL - PEINE KAPITAL (2023)

The artwork for our first album is distinguished by its muted color scheme. The imagery brings to mind images of human bodies deformed and in pain, trapped between a stifling mix of mechanical and industrial waste. Aesthetically, we wanted it to be reminiscent of classic cyberpunk cult classics that we grew up with like Tetsuo, Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita), and Akira. The crucified body evokes the martyr, but it was important not to represent a Christ-like or messianic figure because the album has no mystical or religious themes. Instead, it is representative of the martyrdom of the conventional man, the common mortal who suffers daily from his circumstances and condition. We also wanted there to be a network of pipes, conjuring imagery of a sort of “blood network”, setting a macabre scene where the human body is tortured. The collision of mechanical and organic elements represents the nature of man’s psyche, torn between two worlds. He is born and conditioned to perform and work but fatally destined to become decrepit and die. In regards to the color scheme, we decided to abandon the usual faded greens of our previous EPs, choosing instead to use a shade of greyish-brown, which better the content of the album.

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