Track By Tracks: Persecution Complex - Inquisitor's Bane (2023)

1. Black Lord of Mordor:

As the battle of the Pelennor Fields concludes and the ring of power is taken deep within the kingdom of Mordor, Aragon and his army arrive to challenge Sauron and take his evil gaze away from the land inside giving Frodo and Sam the time needed to achieve their epic task.

2. The Burden:

This song deals with the challenges and hardships that Frodo faces on the long and arduous journey to destroy the ring of power and liberate the free people of Middle Earth from the dark machinations of Sauron.

3. Her Last Breath:

This song is a song of loss and memorium. Originally written as a loving tribute to a friend of the individual who wrote the song, it has taken on new dimensions as members lose more friends and family members to the afterlife.

4. Eternal Conflict:

This song is written about the world of the wildly popular Diablo video game series which certain members of the band have spent countless hours playing.

5. Idols and Idiocy:

An examination of how society has progressively become more and more ludicrous to the point that someone having a different opinion or mindset has (for all intents and purposes) become a cardinal sin and a punishable offense.

6.Beyond the Stars:

Our epic science fiction epic where our hero (after being involved in a harrowing interstellar battle) becomes stranded on an alien world with no possibility of returning to those whom he loves and cherishes.

7. Thy Wretched Soul:

An introspective piece that examines one realizing how truly wretched they have become and the journey they embark on to become a better version of themselves.

8. The Watcher:

An examination of an omniscient entity across the centuries in the earlier years of the human experience.

9. War in the Heavens:

Good against evil, angel vs. demon.

This song details a grisly and pitched spiritual war. No quarter given, no mercy expected… Who will emerge victorious?

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