Track By Tracks: Scold´s Bridle - Scold´s Bridle (2023)

1. Angel Maker:

“Angel Maker” is based on the true story of Hilda Nilsson during the 19th century. Against payment, she took care of children born illegitimate. However, instead of taking care of the children she eventually killed them and got the nickname “Angel Maker”.

The song was written as the album opener, with the slower intro building up to the main riff the song instantly gives you an idea of the type of album and what type of band Scold´s Bridle is.

2. Echo In The Dark:

“Echo In The Dark” is basically about a guy stuck inside a cage or prison. He realizes he will never get out and the song follows his thoughts throughout the process.

The song has been re-written and re-arranged several times (probably the most processed song on the album). The lyrics were co-written with Johan Renkse (the cousin of Jonas Renkse from Katatonia) and we have also released a music video for the song.

3. John Wayne Gacy:

“John Wayne Gacy” is simply about the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. The song tells the story of his life, basically from the beginning until his final days when he got executed. The song also included real news reporting from the case as well as some spoken words from Gacy himself.


“Zombie” is about a woman who has been kidnapped and can´t get out. The man holding her is torturing her mentally and physically and uses pills and alcohol to keep her calm and due to this she basically feels and acts like a zombie.

“Zombie” is the first (out of two tracks) to feature UK singer Craig Cairns and is one of the more melodic and catchier songs of the album.


“Conjuring” was the first song written for the album, but the last one to be completed. The song is about a wizard who fulfilled his dreams and found a way to eternal life. However, after some time he realizes that an eternal life can be extremely lonely and he strongly regrets his choices.

6. Not My War:

The verses of “Not My War” basically describe life and the world during a war. However, the inspiration and purpose of the song came when Russia attacked Ukraine. Instantly people gave their support by adding the Ukrainian flag to the profile picture on social media and thought they made a difference by doing so. Even if the main message of the song is a bit hidden it is actually about people who just want to show everybody how good they are and how much they helped and care about other people but all they really do is just to change their profile picture.

7. Liquid Love:

The intro to “Liquid Love” was first on the demo for “Echo In The Dark”. However, it did not fit that song, but I kept the riff and felt I wanted to use it somewhere, which eventually turned out to be in “Liquid Love”. The song is pretty dynamic as it changes a lot in tempo and style throughout the song. Arrangement wise it is probably the most complex song of the album. The chorus also features a female vocalist (Martina Questa) which gives it additional dimension, flexibility, and dynamic.

8. Bloodbath Of Heaven:

“Bloodbath Of Heaven” was originally called “Angel Riot” but was changed due to the song “Angel Maker” and I didn´t want songs called “angel” on the album.

The song itself is about angels in heaven who finally had it with their boss (God) and arranged a riot to put a stop to him once and for all.

9. Eternal Night:

“Eternal Night” is about a person with suicidal thoughts who basically has given up on life. The lyrics are based on the thoughts of that person and how he or she gets deeper into the darkness and the end of life.

“Eternal Night” is definitely the doom song of the album with slow but very heavy drums and guitar.

10. Blizzard:

“Blizzard” is the second performance of Craig Cairns and also one of the more melodic songs of the album. The theme of the song is about false people who try to hide behind a good facade but in reality and behind that facade they are actually selfish and mean people and the main character of the song is not fooled by them and can see right through it.

11. Black Inferno:

“Black Inferno” is one of the heaviest songs of the album with the double bass drum driving the tempo with the varying guitar melody.

The lyrics and story of the song are pretty simple and tell a story about a man literally standing at the gates of hell what he sees in front of him and what he will become.


“Haunted” differs from the rest of the songs on the album in terms of style and tempo. The song is mainly driven by the bass and drums and the lyrics are about a house and the woman who haunts it. It is a typical ghost story of a man who invested everything in his house but will regret it for the rest of his life when he finds out what´s in there.

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