Track By Tracks: Serpents Oath - Revelation (2023)

The album describes the journey from initiate to adept divided into 3 chapters, split by the 3 intros “Invocatio Genesis” “Invocatio Apocalypsis” and “Invocatio Resurrectio”. It all starts with the first step on your own path, symbolized by the Genesis chapter. In order to progress however, one has to break down the taught barriers and go through a process of de-identification, symbolized by the Apocalypse chapter. Only then can one be reborn, symbolized by the Resurrection chapter.

1. Blood Covenant:

During the ritual of ancient covenant-making, the two parties involved would divide an animal in half, stand together in the blood, with their right hands clasped, and swear a mutual oath binding them to each other. In some cases, each party would cut their respective hands, and bind them together with the other party, allowing their blood to mingle. The resulting union of this blood oath was never to be broken. In effect, the two participants in the covenant would become "blood brothers" and thus become one flesh. Visually we have tried to translate this bond, that is present within the band, with fitting and striking images. Be prepared to swear the Oath of Fealty!

2. Gateways to Tiamat:

This song describes the training of lucid dreaming into a full out-of-the-body experience in order to travel the astral gateways and forego the need for a flesh vessel.

3. Purification through Fire:

The three chapters mentioned above thus look at a similar subject from different angles. If we look at fire, from a genesis perspective we see it as the spark of life or the spark of an idea. From an apocalypse perspective, it is the all-consuming fire devouring everything in its path. From a resurrection perspective, it is the inner flame, the Black Flame of spiritual enlightenment when one finds the Source within oneself. In summary, it shows the transition of first nurturing your Inner Fire to eventually deploying it in order to devour everything that stands in your way.

4. Beyond the Void:

This songs details the 8 corner points of experience, depicted on a truncated pyramid, that you can travel through in order to reach the Ninth Gate: the Dragon’s Eye.

5. Drakonian Gnosis:

One must walk the astral Path in order to avoid the second death: the astral death.

6. Path of the Serpent:

A total commitment to Tiamat, united in intent.

7. Cult of Death:

It deals with the contempt for humans who blindly accept death as a part of life.

8. Unto Typhon:

Returning to the ancient source of it all and not be blinded by all the new online “occult” steams.

9. Pandaemonium:

The song reveals the time of the Final Harvest, where the Undead Gods, once again, step forth from the shadows to reign in splendid glory and reap the Lifeforce of humans, establishing Open Rule over all creation.

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