Track By Tracks: Sol Negate - On The Verge Of Dreaming Again (2023)

“A concept album about death and dreams”.

The concept of the album is the journey your mind takes as you die, reliving moments of the life you had flashing through your mind's eye, and how you experience that fall into death.

Each track moves through the passage of time, how innocuous experiences can mark and combine, how your perception of events can haunt you, and how one may reflect upon that at the moment of death.


1. Prologue.:

The start of the self, from nothingness coming forth. 

2. And All Creation Was a Dream:

First signs of life of the self coming together, and how early experiences can mark you. 

3. A Mind that bleeds:

It’s about the struggle to understand what is the meaning behind what you’ve become. 

4. Waves Into The Darkness:

The agony of a pensive mind overthinking 

5. Dusk Has Come; Stars Are Forming:

The moment you decided that death was the path for you. 

6. Come and Embrace Me:

Death embraces you. 

7. Dissipate Into Each Other:

An epilogue to the album: post-death realizations.

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