Track By Tracks: Sonum Unum - Signals From The Sun (2023)

1. Rescue:

This opening track blasts off with a pulsating rhythm that slowly creeps up and builds to an epic and cinematic chorus filled with arpeggiated synths, driving beats, and multi-layered vocals and harmonies.

2. Surrender:

This one lurks in slowly, harsh saw bass pulses and hard slamming drums with subdued vocals touching on blame, holding grudges, and struggling to overcome and forgive.

3. Seasons:

Introverted, interpretive, mysterious, and brooding with lovely instrumentation and drums that sound like they are almost collapsing like blocks in sections.

4. Empty Spaces:

The track that caught the attention of Negative Gain. It’s been compared to Paul McCartney and Peter Gabriel purely from a vocal approach. Arpeggiated melodic synth lines lead to a gorgeous melodic verse with complex harmonies. It leads up to a powerful and cinematic chorus that combines elements of pop, rock, and industrial. Lyrically it touches on love and loss of those we care deeply for.

5. Know It All:

A slow burner featuring Mike on lead vocals this one. Piano-driven melodies, and strings with slamming drums drive this tune. The bridge on this one really shines as it soars to heavenly heights reintroducing Craig’s lead vocal changing the dynamic of the track completely. Lyrically it touches on accepting the fact that we do not always have everything figured out.

6. Misinteraction:

Depeche Mode fans might dig this one. It was certainly inspired by their latest material. Synth bass and drums keep a cool groove with Craig’s airy vocals. The lyrics talk about how in our day and age communication has become misconstrued. People seem stuck with what they already believe in, so conversation skills have deteriorated.

7. Existence:

Beautiful electronic ballad, with airy vocals, portrays the bittersweet aspects of what it means to be alive and how to forgive.

8. Snow Days:

A fun upbeat catchy song about that nostalgic feeling of waking up on a snow day when we were kids and chasing that fleeting moment at an older age.

9. Take Me Away:

A song about getting away from it all when it all feels too exhausting. Arpeggiated synths, and pumping rhythms lead to a huge chorus that is not only memorable but right in your face.

10. Holding On Forever:

This is the first track we wrote together. Originally the lyrics were completely different. It’s been rewritten multiple times. We approached this by collaborating lyrically and leaving it up to the listener to find what it means to them. By far the darkest track on the album and it ends the album on a beautiful note.

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