Track By Tracks: Yvet Garden - A Long Way Down (2023)

1. Perspective:

Perspectives is a protest song, with a taste of popular revolt in the lyrics. Here we have two totally opposed points of view: the people on one side, and the rulers of this world on the other, with their respective arguments, fears and frustrations.

2. When The Angels Fall:

When The Angels Fall, as the name suggests, is a rather dark song about depression. After our epic trip to the Uk at the end of 2019, some members took a step back from the band and the worldwide pandemic followed, which was mentally quite difficult on a personal level for all of us. This song is the 1st composition Flo has come up with since then, and I was keen to express what I was feeling at the time. Depression is a subject I take very seriously, as it's often invisible to others and can cause a lot of damage. Don't hesitate to speak out. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. - Rudy


Negativity is a song created during the sad period of lockdown in 2020 and simply reflects the physical and mental discomfort that many of us felt for several weeks. This song was an obvious choice to be the first single of our new EP as it marks a transition for Yvet Garden, both in terms of line up and musical orientation.

4. The Light In The Dark:

Still in the context of depression, The Light In The Dark is a song of hope, thanks to love. When you're at your lowest ebb and everything around you is weighing you down, all it takes is one person to get you back on track and living again.

5. Annihilation Trend:

What would an EP in 2023 be without mentioning nature, climate, and biodiversity?

Absolutely impossible! That's what we've done with the song Annihilation Trend. Through the eyes of a bird covered in fuel oil in the middle of the ocean, or one of the last great apes in Southeast Asia struggling to find food and shelter, we wanted to show the extent to which man is destroying the earth, pure and simple, in his quest for the infinite dollar. "We have become the cancer of our own planet" said Enhancer back in 2008. 15 years later, nothing has changed - in fact, it's even worse.

6. More:

More is a bonus track at the end of the EP which is included on the vinyl. In a slightly different, shoegaze vibe, we once again show a different side of the band, because we have to get out of our comfort zone. As far as the lyrics are concerned, we're following in the footsteps of Annihilation Trend, with a text centered on the way we behave in society towards nature.

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