Band Biographies: Critical Heartbeat

Critical Heartbeat is a Metal band that came into being thanks to André and Rui in 2012 (singer/rhythm guitarist and solo guitarist respectively). Having started out with a number of covers of Linkin Park, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Scorpions, etc., their desire to create their own compositions soon took over. Their desire to create their own compositions soon took over.

A year later, drummer Leo joined them, as did bassist Ben a few months later. From then on, a whole series of concerts followed, Undertown, Taverne de la République, Barakason, etc... A studio session was done where they recorded the first compositions: Intro, Alone, Scream, and Without You. Scream was particularly well received by the public, so it was chosen as the single for the forthcoming "Our Beggining" EP and was quickly circulated on social networks.

After the success of the first tour, they decided to make their first album, "Scream", and then their tour, "The CHB Scream Winter Tour", where they brought their new songs to audiences all over Switzerland and France. After 4 years' work, they have just finished composing and released their second album, Revolution! Imminent preparations for the 2024 tour!

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