Band Biographies: Hafgúa

Haunting, eerie and dark, almost like the northern lights over the small village Bakkafjörður on the coast of the Icelandic sea. There the mythical sea creature Hafgúa [ɦɑf-ɡy-wä] dwells.

A legendary sea monster from the darkest depths of the ocean, best known from the sagas of Örvar-Odds and known as the Leviathan from the biblical accounts of Job and Jonah.

According to lore this beast disguises itself as a rock island at low tide and feeds on anything in its path, devouring whales and ships with their entire crews.

This terrifying creature is the terror of the water world and all who dare to venture into it.

It is after this terrifying beast this 5 piece band, formed in 2022, is named. Expect heavy and atmospheric doom-hymns that have an overarching aquatic theme soaking through the fabric of the songs. Imagine a drowning fisherman sinking to the desolate depths of the ocean floor. Listen for the unwillingness of the sea to release the dead, the stubbornness of man, the fall from grace and the ultimate redemption through the one called Son of Man.

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