Behind The Scenes: Dirty Audio Machine - Are You Alive (Official Video)

Steve Ricardo (Director/Guitarrist): After the satisfactory experience of making videos in all the bands I have been in, some good, some Not so good!! But at the end of the day, all you have is yourself to blame.

I loved the song ARE YOU ALIVE from the beginning, so I had 300 ways from Sunday to decide how to make it. But I was still stuck. Originally I wanted to have Marshall our singer dreaming he was dying in different ways. Then Killing others, then this, then that.

At the end of this 2-month battle, I was stuck…. Then a friend of mine was on my YouTube channel and mentioned how rad my mini-horror clips were.

I generally don’t look at my past work, I just film it and move on. I was like… ohhh wait a minute!!! Let's do this in black and white with some grain. I sat down with myself and had this storyline that Marshall was going out to just slay people!!! This is good.

So, thank god for family. My wife made up the blood, my son got involved and a friend from work. The rest was on the fly. I remember asking my friend TJ, HEY! I need you to Chloroform a girl…. He was like YEAH! WHEN WHERE? Dude slow down. Now I work with this dude and he’s some serious kink left field Leather and Wax spilling MF!!! Total guy for this video!! Ok, I got Marshall, TJ. Ahh… as per the norm, I get my son involved. Matthew, You are going to be killed in the 1st 10 seconds of the song. Ok!!

Now I originally wanted my bassist Cory to be having a picnic in the park with his lady. That was the plan…. Well, somehow it didn’t go as planned. Thus the 70s Flower child was killed off. Ok, I think I went a little excessive on the Marshall axe swings but I guess that was a retaliation into “fine, no picnic scene but you getting axed for that” LOL…

The location is an awesome spot to film, I have filmed many videos in this spot. It is a secluded road by the river in Mission BC, 10 minutes from my home. Early morning Sunday with a killer overcast that added to the feel.

In the end, it was awesome… it came across the way I saw it, including a cameo from TJ’s girlfriend Leah’s son Tristen as JASON in the Corn maze.

We DIRTY AUDIO MACHINE are very happy with the result, the video clip helps to present a little humor and not everything has to be Epicly polished. The video definitely feels out the song.

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