Behind The Artworks: Pas Musique - Shaman (2023)

My current release is “Shaman”, (ALRN127), on Alrealon Musique. The artwork is comprised of a series of self-portraits I took of myself channeling the late, great, electropop artist, Fad Gadget a.k.a. Frank Tovey. He highly influenced me when I was younger. The photos are also inspired by old French silent films. I really love the early 20 th century French filmmaker Louis Feuillade. I love the look of the old silent film stars in his serials, Judex, Les Vampires, and Tih Minh. The layout and design are mimicking old Duran Duran singles designed by Malcolm Garrett. I loved is use of color and minimalist touch. The next release will be sonically influenced by his Fad Gadget recordings as well.

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