Behind The Scenes: 2 Shadows & The Veer Union - Marionette (Official Video)

In talking about the video, Ryan Ramsdell of The Veer Union explains “In the ‘Marionette’ video, we aimed to maintain a connection with the themes of weightlessness and suspension while also visualizing some of the powerful influences steering our world's current course. It was exciting to work with 2 Shadows as they always bring it when performing live. Our director Julien Bouffard made the video shoot here in Vancouver memorable”.
2 Shadows Glen Bridden adds “In the music video for “Marionette” we wanted to match the meanings drawn from the lyrics and vibe of the song translated into the visuals. The void-like space we occupy lends itself really nicely to the darkness in the track. It was also a huge pleasure to work with our good friends in The Veer Union on this video, our combined energy added so much impact and life to the video set!"

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