Behind The Scenes: Hostilia - Let Off Some Steam (Official Video)

Albert: Just before the release of our EP "Atomic Thunder" (released in June 2023), our former vocalist Samuel left the band. We had already booked a video shoot for the second track on the EP called "Let Off Some Steam". So we figured, "Are we going to cancel the whole thing, or are the remaining members of the band going to do the shoot anyway?" We decided to shoot the video with the remaining members and later add additional footage once we found a vocalist. And so we did. So our bass player Gabriel and the two of us did four takes in our rehearsal studio together with a video photographer.

William: That's why there's only live footage of our new vocalist Tim Angelini in the video. We took clips from two different live shows and let the director put the whole things together. We also felt that our performance in the studio of "Let Off Some Steam" from the EP had more to give. So we sort of created the perfect opportunity to let Tim re-record the vocals and then put the whole package in the hands of a true Thrash aficionado producer, Per Stålberg at the Welfare Sounds studio. Per did a really great job remixing the song with Tim's vocals. He managed to get it really catchy with a lot of that crunch and punch we love so much about the Thrash Metal from the 80's.

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