Behind The Tracks: Euthymia - Angel (Single) (2023)

Euthymia: Angel is a cover of a song by Massive Attack, contained in the album Mezzanine. is a remake in a prog key. doom.

Angel intones the angry, degraded, and irreversibly sick song of an obsessive, cutting love, as violent as it is sincere in the expression of sensations so surreal yet, paradoxically, never so human.

The glory and positive inspiration that can spring from the purity and luminosity of the very concept of love, in itself, becomes an all-encompassing torment. An angel of joy transforms into a dark messenger of inner death not yet seen in the horizons of the subconscious, a situation probably due to the awareness of being indisposed or, in some way, unable to reach the supreme summit of spiritual union.

The feminine essence of the unattainable shines through in palpable evidence seen with the eye of the self-destructive protagonism of a probably male soul and aware of being attracted by an immaterial orgy of unverifiable convictions (who can confirm that this angel came really "to bring love"? Can it be taught to love? Is it really possible to inoculate the seed of the very concept of love if not through one's personal convictions, matured only at the end of self-cognitive processes that are anything but easy to assimilate?

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