Behind The Tracks: Human Deception - Altar Ov Madness (Single) (2023)

The new track confirmed an already proven formula of epic orchestras and melodic guitar riffs with a technical drum sound mixed with blast beats that blended in an unmistakable Human Deception style: this will add esoteric and mysterious vibes to the listeners ears. The choice of Mattia Maffioli and Simone Verde as vocals guests has been a winning weapon. The Defamed guys know what they're doing and it shows, the duet will season the song with their voices, enriching the sound with the right violence, which is requested in the genre. Despite the presence of 3 singers, everything is very distinguishable, creating an interchange of style of growls and screams. Talking about the meaning of the track, the text is inspired by the first chapters of the famous 1600 poem written by John Milton which tells of the fall of Adam and Eve, expelled from paradise deceived by the snake. The topic is a very fitting choice since the band is made out of “deception” its name and banner. The Human Deception guys are keen to let their audience know that they have a lot of new music in store for 2024, just waiting for the right moment to be given to their fans but also to those who don't know them yet. They are sure of the path they want follow and have no intention to stop. We'll wait with trepidation to see what else these Humans have in store.

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