Behind The Tracks: I The Divided - Dissolutions (Single) (2023)

Dissolutions is about the ending of something; the end of my marriage. In fact, when you get divorced, it’s technically called a “dissolution of marriage.” This is the second song off of an EP I want to release of what I went through during a divorce; a dissolution of marriage. The ups and downs, the highs and lows, the tears, the anger, the fears, everything. Pouring it all out in music form to let the world know that it sucks but you can make it back from heartache. As the songs continue to be written, you will see the story unfolding. The artwork was chosen to represent the end of a marriage - just as a beautiful, vibrant bouquet represents a wedding day, a tarnished assemblage of dead flowers represents the ending of a marriage. Shout out to the amazing florist Rite of Rose Floral Design ( for creating this real, actual bouquet.

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