Behind The Tracks: I The Divided - Requiem (Single) (2023)

This word means ‘mass for the dead’, which reminded me of how things ended with my marriage. Honestly, at its worst, I basically wanted to die. At my darkest moment, a text message came through from my dad, and it said, “Hey son, I’m worried about you. I left the keys to my house for you. Come stay here for now.” To me, that was a sign to keep on going. So, I wanted to help others, to create a song that served as a suicide awareness track. We put links to places for situations people may be struggling with to help them and show them there’s light at the end of the tunnel. This is how the band started. I reached out to Jed Brewer who is a very close personal friend/brother, and described this idea of what I wanted to do and he helped me bring it to life. The artwork shows the symbol of empathy: that we know, we understand and we’re empathetic of what you’re going through.

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