Behind The Tracks: MANILA HEMP - No Hope (Single) (2023)

"What looms over us is a scenario of degradation, without hope of a better world; we are now in the midst of a clear decline in civilization caused by the increasingly clear emergence of the destructive nature of the current social organization towards society and nature; decline in relation to which no forces capable of imposing the drastic change of direction that would be necessary appear visible. We live in a society in which social fear generates resentment, cynicism, and violence, to free ourselves from this we would need to start by overturning the paradigm that sees us living in a society with abundant means, but increasingly indefinite ends. This is what No Hope is all about.

This song is part of our new album Powerful based on a main theme, war, and aims to represent a firm condemnation of the atrocities resulting from it.

From this broader context derive secondary themes, such as the sense of unbridgeable loneliness of those who have lost everything and every affection; the condemnation of every abuse of power; the invitation to rebel against that small handful of greedy powerful people who manipulate the lives of men as they please, now considered only numbers; the need to free ourselves from those damned consumerist logics which have now sadly transformed the man into a sort of production animal and who is essentially deprived of his own identity; the massification of existence; the death of individuality; the invitation addressed to contemporary man to reclaim his dreams, to slow down his unnecessarily frenetic rhythms, to rediscover his serenity and the joy of living authentically, enjoying the little things; the desperation of a contemporary man who is forced, more and more often, to immerse himself in a role, to give up his own variegated nuances and to submissively obey gray predefined schemes."

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