Behind The Tracks: Reign Of Vengeance - The Destruction of A Man: A.I. Love Machine (Single) (2023)

Here is an explanation of why I wrote the lyrics for this Reign of Vengeance song. I had some very odd and very public interactions with several different A-lister celebrity women while doing Politics for the previous administration all over Instagram. It has since been explained to me that some of these interactions were Psychological Operations being conducted on me by CORRUPT members of the Intel and Enforcement community.
After making alliances in the Crypto, Web 3, and A.I. industry with a Marketing and Incubation firm called Lunar Digital Assets, I realized what a possible threat A.I. presented to Humanity and how important privacy and decentralization will be in the future because of my own awful experiences. Having my own privacy and cyber privacy severely violated by one woman in particular who executed what is apparently referred to as a "honey pot"/"pig butchering" in order to build her own career, I figured writing a song and blending all of these themes seemed vital to relay the narrative as a warning to others and to ALL HUMANS to protect themselves from similar experiences. Obviously, in this song the man is not being manipulated, hacked, or stalked by a real woman who works for an MSM news outlet and so in this fictional depiction the monster of this tale is not on Television constantly using her platform to taunt and degrade him. She is also not a pop-singer dancing around with knives on the Internet every time she becomes jealous of the main character's real life relationships with The Rogue Bunny Playmates. Grahahahaaa!...\
But, now you all understand the backstory. We appreciate the support!

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