Behind The Tracks: Unhealthy While - Trump Card (Single) (2023)

Unhealthy While Unhinged came together when Brandon Radic and Donovan Bruce's casual banter about forming a band turned into a serious endeavor. Bringing in Colin Rustik as our drummer and writer, the final piece fell into place when Anthony joined a week later. Trump Card, our debut single, was born out of a desire to blend breakdowns with the styles of Kim Dracula and Dropout Kings.
Anthony brought his lyrical prowess to the table, capturing the emotions of the moment, and it just so happened to carry a political undertone. The song mirrors our collective sentiment towards the current political climate, especially as we witness the unsettling developments in Ohio following the recent vote, threatened by certain Republicans. From the initial joke that kickstarted the band to the upcoming release of Trump Card, it's been a whirlwind journey spanning just over two months.

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