Behind The Tracks: Vajra - Love Is A Battlefield (Single) (2023)

DS: We don’t normally do covers, but we wanted to pay tribute to one of our inspirations, and we wanted a song that had some room to ‘Vajra-size’ and make our own. We were diving down the New York Thruway singing along to the radio, and when Annamaria soared through this song, I knew it was the one. After that, we explored basslines while we were in Annamaria’s childhood bedroom. We went into the studio, and Jimmy came up with a cool beat. We morphed things in our studio, but Annamaria’s vocal delivery pretty much stayed the same. The song tells you what it wants. It’s just a process of listening to what it needs, and if we are in a good place, we blindly follow what it says. That’s what happened here.
AMP: The song captures some of the confusion that I have in a world that feels upside down. We are all still recovering from the pandemic, shut-downs, and are embroiled in a broken economy. We haven’t fully healed. Music and art seem to be overshadowed by scripted reality TV, and I’m not sure where I fit anymore. I’ve been re- examining who I am, and singing this song grounds me to the earth, and inspires me to wipe my face, get in there, and figure it out.

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