Track By Tracks: Critical Heartbeat - Revolution (2023)

Part. I:

1. God's Universe:

Talk about the world as it is

2. Revolution:

Talk about a revolution of the world

3. Wake Up:

Talk about a nightmare that the person has

4. In the Darkness:

Talk about the darkness of a person's life

5. The Resistance:

Talk about the revolution and resistance of the world

6. The Power:

Talk about the power of a person

7. Fast:

Talk about a superhero for save the world

8. Visions from Beyond:

All in the name!

9. Madness or Matters:

Talk about a heartbreaking love story

Part. II

10. Animal:

Talk about a guy who is angry about her life

11. Rodéo:

Talk about a guy who wants to live live

12. Destiny:

Talk about the destiny of a guy

13. Don't Want to be Like You:

Talk about a guy who doesn't have to be like a person

14. Comeback:

Talk about the comeback of a person

15. Just a Man:

Talk a story about the life of a men

16. With You:

Talk about a love story

17. O Senhor dos Mil Nomes:

Talk about a story of a guy who has a difficult life and tries to have a better one

18. With You - Acoustic:

Talk about a love story

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