Track By Tracks: The Crotals - Conjure (2023)

1. Prelude:

Great track, written and played by our friend (and live sound engineer) Dirty Throat. Dark mood, with a pinch of RZA’s tunes in Ghost Dog. Love it!

2. Crater:

The most YOBish song for us. When somber arpeggios meet great melodies sung by Michael (Impure Wilhelmina).

3. Cuts:

Check it out! Fast and furious, kind of a mix between QOTSA, PJ Harvey, and punk. Hard rythmic signature, with the great and mighty La Gale, a Swiss indie female rapper.

4. TicTic:

Straightforward song, with heavy vocals from our 2 screamers. Some resemblance to Nirvana, fueled by a chromatic riff.

5. Silver Lakes:

Not to be heard when depressed. Slow, massive, and melancholic. Yonni’s impressive voice (check his band Rorcal) fills every corner of your head and heart. AND, as we kinda worship trumpets, we are more than delighted by their presence on this track. Many thanks to the Master, Denis, who gave a Morriconian touch to this track.

6. Impetus:

Puuuuuuunk ! Enlivened by Danek (former Unfold’s screamer), one of the greatest frontmen on stage. Epic ending!

7. Taenia:

We tried something unusual for The Crotals, building a slow, progressive narrative. Meet different atmospheres, with trumpets piercing the thick wall of guitars and the mammoth drums.

8. La Boue:

First single, with a video clip created by the wonderful Vladimir Cochet. Gloomy mood, desperate vocals.

9. Black Cat:

Kind of easy to dive into these solid and efficient riffs. Don’t think, headbang.

10. Ecorce:

Not as heavy as the other songs, with very melodic choruses and lyrics in French. Humble tribute to Mastodon!

11. Trauma:

Cathartic song which accurately concludes the album. Shadows AND Light.

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