Track By Tracks: Goaten - Midnight Conjuring (2023)

1. Witches’ Serenade:

Influenced by a tale written by the singer, the lyrics describe a mystical journey to a forest ritual led by nymphs. Blurred vision, beasts, and a dance of the sabbath create an eerie atmosphere. The enchanting setting, accompanied by lutes and flutes, captures the essence of a nightmare.

2. Phantom Chaser:

The lyrics describe a haunting encounter with a mysterious figure that induces fear. The imagery of being pursued by this entity, described as both desire and purification, creates a dark and intense atmosphere.

3. Pride or Dust:

It emphasizes the crucial choice between asserting oneself proudly or fading into obscurity. The metaphorical imagery and empowering message convey a sense of urgency in making meaningful choices about breaking free.

4. Until I Come Again:

This song evokes a mysterious and romantic atmosphere, employing metaphors and suggestive imagery to convey the theme of a vampire's intense obsession with someone. The lyrics narrate from the perspective of a supernatural being, likely a vampire, expressing deep longing and a promise of return.

5. Bells:

This song, inspired by 80s horror films and featured in the movie "The Macabre" by Eric Mathis of Grime House Films, tells the tale of an eerie event in a silent town. The lyrics describe the summoning, the opening of hell's gates, and the arrival of creatures from the underground.

6. When Midnight Comes:

This ballad explores an unlikely love story, as if the protagonists exist in parallel universes. The lyrics evoke a powerful sense of loss and longing.

7. Finally Free:

This song takes a whimsically dark approach to addressing corporate abuses, featuring the recognition of lies. It conveys skepticism and resilience in the face of corporate manipulation, using vivid imagery and metaphor to tell a narrative of liberation and resistance against oppressive forces.

8. Metal Blade:

This song will be featured in the upcoming film "Infernal" by Eric Mathis. The theme revolves around a pact made with the devil, emphasizing the heavy price paid for desires. In summary, the lyrics effectively mirror the movie synopsis, describing the sinister pact, the urgency of breaking a curse, and the supernatural elements through vivid imagery and a thematic emphasis on the importance of the "Metal Blade" in the face of impending doom.

9. The Thing at the Camp:

This song paints a chilling narrative inspired by 80s horror films, describing haunting events at a secluded campsite.

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