Track By Tracks: KILLSORROW - Wasteland Chronicles (2023)

1. Keep Out!:

The intro of the album introduces the mood of the whole. Here we used recordings obtained from a real junkyard, which appear throughout the album. As the name suggests, this is a place you should stay away from. You can hear a dog barking in the distance.

2. Lost in the dark:

The song is medium-tempo, heavy, mysterious, and full of contrasts. Strong riffs intertwine with clean sounds, finally reaching the chorus with female choirs. There's quite a lot going on here and we hoped it would be a good album opener.
03. Parasite Symphony A faster riff song, with a characteristic break at the beginning. In this song, our singer is also supported by a female voice. A song with a message about how we are destroying our planet and are parasites for it. Halfway through, an interesting passage appears, supported by the modulated spatial sound of the bass.

4. Prototype:

One of the faster and more lively songs on the album. Starting with analog keys with a huge dose of energy. Halfway through the song, a melodic solo theme appears and develops until the very end.

5. Eyes:

One of the more unusual songs on the album. Sounding very oriental. Beginning with guest female vocals and bongos, developing into a powerful riff with a solo viola.

6. Shelter:

An acoustic interlude typical of the band. As the name suggests, it tells the story of a safe haven from post-apocalyptic dangers.

7. Straight to hell:

The strongest song on the album. It kicks ass from the very beginning and then develops into crazy vocals and a melodic theme in the chorus. Ended with a hit solo.

8. Finest day to die:

A piece - a story. You could say it's a ballad, although with a few solid riffs. In the verses, two bass parts appear simultaneously - a regular one and a fretless one.

9. Play with me:

A song that was initially supposed to be a single. It begins with acapella vocals. Strong, transparent riff with acoustic verses and interesting sounds.

10. Endless Fry:

The most progressive song on the album, it begins with an extended bass part and then transitions into a broken riff and a melodic chorus. There's a lot going on in the song.

11. Wasteland:

Another interlude that is also an epic intro to the last song.

12. Home sweet home:

The first single from the album, a fast and lively song. The guitars gallop here, alternating with the vocals, to end with a very strong breakdown.

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