Track By Tracks: Schreigarm - The Mysteries Of Fate (2023)

The first studio album of the band Schreigarm is a conceptual metal saga about the thorny path of a warrior in pre-Christian times, from birth and formation, through the bitterness of farewells and first bloody battles, to death and rebirth…

1. The Mysteries Of Fate:

This composition opens the album and bears the same name. For us, it was crucial to create something powerful as an intro and to set a certain mood for the entire album. Here, you will find elements that we used throughout our epic, including a part of the first song deliberately incorporated into the intro to evoke the album's concept from the very beginning, as one song seamlessly transitions into the next. The Jew's harp adds a special mystical and ritual atmosphere. This intro is intended to set the tone for further immersion into this mysterious tale of destiny...

2. Through The Ashes Of Centuries:

This is the second composition we wrote together, and it is the most diverse song on the album. Here, you can hear echoes of various styles and moods. This part begins to tell the story of "Secrets of Fate." The battlefield, burnt warriors, an atmosphere of cold and Winter... But this is not the main theme. It's a description of the wandering of the departed souls through time and space, through the ashes of centuries, through non-being... The end begets the beginning, especially when a warrior catches up with death. "Souls leave the lifeless body to return in the autumn..."

3. Oath To The Gods:

Every word in this part speaks for itself... It's a personal ritual, a ritual of unity with the surroundings, with nature, with the elements, with the Gods... "Ancient oak, protect, embrace me with your roots..."

4. Drops Of Bloody Tears:

Our Drakkar plows through a wild storm; we are far from home. The Celestial Blacksmith guides us with his lightning, but memories of our native land overwhelm everything around us... Yet, we must protect our family. This song was written in 2021, but, like the next one, became, one might say, prophetic... "Where there was peace, anxiety comes; drops of bloody tears are felt..."

5. The Last Farewells

The bitterness of farewells is a heavy burden that will haunt a lifetime, especially when these farewells are the last... "Forgive me your tears... and let go..."

6. Burning Altar:

Everything is behind! Wake up! We are heading into battle! Runic constellations indicate the direction, and our Gods are with us! We will all die someday, but not this time. Burn and kill everything Christian to us is foreign! "A bloody eagle for everyone in a cassock..."

7. When The Mountains Spear The Sky:

So here we are approaching the finale of our story... The warrior's path ends, and he, like a steel falcon, feels the energy of life, flying to Valhalla under the watchful eye of millions of eyes in the night sky, to sit at the table with his forefathers and drink mead in glory, and in the morning set out to battle again... "But death now is only the beginning..."


This instrumental composition represents tranquility and peace. It's that moment when everything around freezes, and clarity and a sense that everything behind arises, but ahead is an infinite universe...

9. The Mystical Rebirth:

This is the final of esoteric soul searches. But it is also the beginning of something else, unknown, mystical... It is wandering between worlds and the choosing of a new form of life. It is the quintessence of all searches, death, rebirth... "I will sacrifice myself, I will fly as a spark to the Sun, but I will not end my earthly game, and I will be reborn before I die..."

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