Track By Tracks: Through Mists - Summon The Severed (2023)

1. Relegation to Servitude:

The kick off song to the album is about The Traveler heading into Hell to confront Satan and take the dismembered corpses of the fallen gods to use as his puppets. Drenched in blood, he descends deeper, The Traveler is forcing his way through by intimidating Satan’s minions until he is finally where he wants to be, in front of Satan himself.

2. Nest Of Blood & Sin: 

Painting a portrait of Hell as both a physical place and a state of mind, the cinders crackle both underfoot and in your mind. Lakes of oil and constant torment, a dark castle rising forever into the darkness overhead. By bringing even more twisted plans into Hell, The Traveler makes Minos bow to him and head deeper into Satan’s court to set his plan into motion.

3. Bleed & Feed:

As all great debates begin, The Traveler asks Satan for the souls and bodies of the gods he killed. He assures Satan that if he does not get what he wants peacefully, he will slaughter Satan, his queen Lilith, and all that moves in Hell, and he will just take it. When Satan asks The Traveler what he really wants, the response is that he wants to crush and reform the world to his own plan. To create a world where the living would not fear retribution from detached gods that were meant to protect them. A vision of a world that is growing like a new sapling.

4. Puncture:

The anger of The Traveler boiling in the infinite times he uses the Chronosphere to view all possible outcomes of his allegiance with Satan vs just attacking Hell itself and taking what he is looking to do. The Traveler pauses and rewinds time so many times, he looks into Satan’s intent and realizes that Satan will just betray him like all the others he trusted in the past. The Traveler hides his true intentions as he unpauses time and makes a deal with Satan to craft the world as an extension of Hell.

5. In Our Image: 

Swearing a pact together, Satan and The Traveler decide to work together to forge a new world together in their combined image. Using their powers and resources, they will create an undying world in lit by the fires of Hell and nourished by the blood of the gods and their life force. True mercy for all living beings is to be free of arbitrary rules dictated by.

6. Terramorphic:

Lilith sees the threat the Traveler poses, and convinces Satan to let The Traveler borrow the remnants of the gods. They begin to terra-morph the planet and slowly reshape the world in preparation for the final stretch of change happen: clearing away the mind-rotting fungus and letting life grow unchecked.

7. Summon The Severed part 1:

The dark ritual begins to bring back the gods’ corpses as dismembered zombies. With the new energy The Traveler has, he makes the body parts dance in the sun and sets them upon the land to begin plowing down and taking apart the rot and ruin that exist. When Lilith asks him why he is so adamant, he explains that endless suffering is what life has been for himself and everyone he knows, so he figures that giving life a chance to do its own thing will break the cycle and give new hope for the world.

8. Summon The Severed part 2:

The god's decimation of rot continues through the ages as The Traveler lets the limbs tear apart the world and recreate it piece by piece. The flesh falling off their bodies creates new life and new creatures to form in the world. The blood rains down as the arms, legs, and torsos of Zeus and Thor and all the other gods flay about in the sky. Prayers go silent as the population sees their false idols pave through everything while sparing the living from destruction.

9. Summon The Severed part 3:

Effectively creating beasts of burden from the gods, the limbs start to shake creation to the point where The Traveler himself uses the limbs and bones of the dead gods to plant a new Tree Of Life, whose roots reach down to Hell and anchor the land of the living with the land of the dead. Time will tell if this will be the right choice, both for The Traveler, and for the fate of existence as we know it.

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