Band Biographies: Aeons

Aeons were formed in 2016 on the Isle Of Man and it quickly became apparent that there was something special about this band, a chemistry between its members that was producing quite remarkable music. In 2019, they entered the studio for the first time and laid down the tracks for their debut album, A Tragic End, which they released independently in October of that year. Despite minimal promotion, word of this ambitious and exciting new band began to spread…

Over the course of the next eighteen months, Aeons worked meticulously to craft a second album that could really lift them to the next level and make them contenders on the international stage. Consequences consisted of seven genuinely spectacular songs, forty five minutes of music that showcased everything that Aeons had to offer. Upon its release in September 2021, Consequences landed on the desks of metal media outlets around the world, where it was welcomed with open arms.

The success of Consequences lead to Aeons playing their first shows outside the Isle Of Man and inspired the band to push their music even further, strive for even greater heights. With their third album, The Ghosts Of What We Knew now set to be released by international record label Sliptrick Records, 2024 looks set to be another incredible year in the story of Aeons.

Aeons are:

Skippy – Vocals 
Joe – Bass 
Justin – Drums 
Scott – Guitar/Vocals 
Si – Guitar/Vocals

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