Behind The Scenes: COLOTH - Tuman Yarom (Official Video)

This song in its original traditional version narrates a romantic story with a melancholic vibe, surrounded with beautiful and beloved nature with its own specific hue. The main mood is defined by the first string, describing a foggy place.

So we needed fog...

At first we wandered how we meet the dawn standing in the field with our guitars, surrounded with mist and cameras... But the times changed, and such shooting would not be the cleverest thing to do nowadays in Ukraine.

Olex contacted Stas - a video director and his good friend by one of the previous projects. Stas proposed to simulate the fog using a smoke machine. And there was one place, that should have matched the setting perfectly.

It was a very underground venue, so cold and not very cozy inside. But the vibe was suitable.

Several hours of shooting, and the lights, smoke and Stas' camera did the job.

Couple more days for editing and release preparation - and here we are.

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