Band Biographies: IRONRAT

To be honest, it all began with Metallica. Their return to old school album ‘Death Magnetic’ sparked a conversation between old friends Wayne & Martin which led to a jam which led to a band and a string of well-received gigs with the likes of Charger, Conan, and Alunah

Following a few line-up shifts 2014/5 saw their video single ‘Eye Lucifer’ and the release of the debut album ‘Monument’. Ironrat went from strength to strength, touring most of the UK, breaking outside the UK, opening the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock, and playing a blinding set at HRH Birmingham 2018.

But sadly, following a serious accident, vocalist Chris had to depart, and then Covid arrived and shut the world down for 2 years. Despite this Ironrat remained active in the gig scene, performing shows with the likes of Orange Goblin, Phil Campbell, OHHMS, Kal-El, Psychlona, and Desert Storm, as well as appearances at great festivals including ManorFest and SOPHIE Fest.

A profound change and improvement to the reforged Ironrat comes from a new harmonious vocal approach which was all down to Martin stepping up to vocals as well as holding down guitar. This has brought a fresh sense of melodicism and emotional weight to the core of their sound and writing which was already an exciting blend of sludge, doom, seventies, and grunge influences.

2023 saw them partner with Argonauta Records to release their eagerly anticipated 2nd album ‘Beneath It All’ and a re-recording of fan favorite ‘Weed Machine’. Superbly engineered by Conan’s Chris Fielding, at Foel Studios, the session captures Ironrat’s huge riffs and fantastic heavy tones. The album will be presented to the world in early 2024.

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