Track By Tracks: Solnedgang - Valkyrie (2023)


‘Folkvangr’ is Freyja’s domain, and half of those who die in battle go here (the other half go to Valhalla). The track symbolises the fallen warriors’ journey there; the atmospheric soundscape represents the spiritual voyage, escorted by Valkyries.


This track represents how families grieve over those they have lost. It is based on personal experience, written after I learned of two recent deaths in my family. Conceived as a way to deal with my grief, and as a tribute to those I lost, it’s a very emotional track for me. Melodically it is very melancholic, but with a glimmer of hope – just as one might have when looking back on fond memories, while at the same time grieving.


‘Draugr’ are the undead in Norse mythology – reanimated corpses rather than ghosts. The aggressive sound evokes the feeling of fear one feels seeing these creatures, while the calmer section is a slightly eerie moment of respite before it kicks off again.

4. Niflhel:

The fog-filled realm of the dead, Niflhel is cold and desolate place filled with men who died of old age or sickness – particularly evil men. Dense and atmospheric, the track encapsulates the sensations and impressions of someone who has just arrived in Niflhel. The aggressive sections represent the dread they feel having just arrived, while the calmer sections symbolise their acceptance of their fate. Having these sections interwoven gives a feeling of not quite knowing what comes next, or indeed what is hiding in the fog of Niflhel.

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