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Sonic Wolves is an Italian heavy rock’n’roll band, formed in 2012 by drummer Vita (formerly of Ufomammut and currently in Rogue State) and bassist and singer Kayt Vigil (formerly of Pentagram, The Hounds of Hasselvander…Of The Horizon, Syzslak, Hatchetface, ZED, etc., also currently in Rogue State). In the summer of 2022, the band started a collaboration with Nico Nigro (ex-Mortuary Drape, Eroded and currently in Suicide Force) on guitar.

In February 2023, this line-up recorded their third album called “III”, which will be out on Argonauta Records in early 2024.

Sonic Wolves is based in Alessandria, Italy, and was formed in 2012, under the name Tsutar. The band released their first album Before The End Comes in 2016, followed in 2018 by the second full-length Sonic Wolves. In 2016 and 2017, two 7” singles were also released- He Said and He Said toured. In spring 2022 a 12” EP It’s All A Game To Me was released, it contains two original songs in tribute to Lemmy and Cliff Burton.

Heavy, dark, and dirty- this band takes hard rock to a nastier and louder level. The sound is highly inspired by 70’s hard rock, proto-metal, psychedelic rock, and blues, with elements of these styles woven throughout each song.

The basic fact of the matteri's bands pay tribute to Motorhead and Metallica, to Lemmy and Cliff Burton, all the time: They just don’t tell you they’re doing it. In that way, It’s All A Game To Me almost feels courteous as it elbows you in the gut.

The sound that comes across is “consistently hard, heavy and groovy” (

(Sonic Wolves) “…has a distinctive proto-metal, 70’s hard rock undercurrent running through it’s gnarly veins…”

“…Sonic Wolves have a majestic and addictive sound that’s hard not to be moved by..”

Vita: drums
Kayt Vigil: bass/vocals
Nico Nigro: guitar


Studio and live activity for Sonic Wolves began in 2015. Since then, the band played shows in Italy and tours throughout Europe included festivals such as Desertfest, HEADZ UP FEST, Tube Cult, Monolitix Fest, etc.

The histories of each member is longer than the history of the group, and collectively all these experiences create a very seasoned band.

Vita played for 21 years drums in the Italian heavy/psych sludge band Ufomammut, since the band started in 1999. He is on 9 studio albums, 2 live albums, one 7” single, and a live DVD for the 15th anniversary of the band. He formed the hardcore band Rogue State (2 albums released which include Kayt Vigil on bass). His live experience includes more than 1000 shows from more than 30 European tours and performances at festivals such as Hellfest, Roadburn, Desertfest, Stoned From The Underground, Dour Fest, Maryland Death Fest, FIMAV, Monolitix Fest, HEADZ UP FEST, etc., and tours in Russia, USA/Canada, and Australia/New Zealand.

Since 1993, Kayt has been involved in numerous projects, namely Zed (sludge band who did a split 7” with Burn the Priest - now Lamb of God - and one full length), Syzslak (thrash/doom, one album and two 7” singles), and Hatchetface (all female doom band, on Planet Doom Vol.1). She also played in ...Of The Horizon (desert doom, one full length) and most notably, The Hounds of Hasselvander (featuring former drummer of Pentagram and Raven, Joe Hasselvander, Gary Isom of Pentagram and Spirit Caravan, and former member of Venom, Carcass and Cathedral, Mike Hickey) and briefly in Pentagram, both live and in the studio to record a track that is on the Syd Barrett tribute compilation “Like Black Holes In The Sky”. She has toured the US extensively and has toured all over Europe.

With the latest addition of guitarist Nico, who brings a uniquely heavy hybrid of classic rock grooves with heavy metal undertones, the latest songs are even more powerful and have added depth and dimension. His live experience with the historical Italian black metal band Mortuary Drape can count hundreds of shows around North America and Europe.


Demo: -Wolfwitch CD (2015 self production)
Albums: -Before The End Comes CD/LP (2016 Taxi Driver Records)
Sonic Wolves CD/LP (2018 DHU Records/Future Noise Recordings)
Singles: -He Said 7” (2016 Taxi Driver Records)
He Said Tour Ed. 7” (2017 Taxi Driver Records)
EP: -It’s All A Game To Me (2022 Argonauta Records)


Vita email phone +39 333 4141778
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