Behind The Scenes: PARALINE - 1999 (Official Video)

In the '1999' video, two opposing sides meet in open conflict. A battle ensues, and at its end, two indistinguishable people, literally enemies a minute ago, again take their original positions, ready for the cycle to repeat. The straight corridor symbolizes the inevitability of a direct confrontation, the absurd one-sidedness of all modern conflicts, and the lack of maneuvering space—people just clash head-on for no apparent reason, and the outcome is always the same. When at least one person dies, it's already a tragedy, at a minimum on a personal level, for their family and loved ones. A person lived, loved, grieved, worked, laughed, and then everything ended in a moment just because someone, not even knowing precisely who, declared them and another person enemies. And they weren't even acquainted and might have become the best of friends under different circumstances, who knows. The concept of killing is always the same; undoubtedly, in this video, we talk about a specific political conflict, but at the same time, we speak about all such acts in human history. Sticks and stones are replaced by assault rifles and bombs, and loincloths by camouflaged suits. It's interesting how modern humanity would look if we didn't expend so much effort on constantly improving ways to destroy each other.

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