Band Biographies: Tomorrow’s Outlook

Tomorrow’s Outlook hails from Northern Norway, specifically a lovely little place called Sorvik. Founders and core members Trond Nicolaisen, Andreas Stenseth, and Oystein Kvile Hanssen grew up on the classic hard rock and heavy metal of the 1970s and 80s, which would come to define their songwriting.

After many years as a studio project, the trio decided to elevate this entity to active band status. Scouring the interwebz (and their music library) for suitable members, they found the perfect people. Singer Tony Johannessen, drummer Owe Lingvall, and guitarist Valentino Francavilla joined for the band’s 2019 debut concert. The chemistry of this lineup proved electric, and just like that the band was complete.

Beyond their timid, unfocused 2007 beginnings, the band worked tirelessly to discover their own identity. Mining the mythical soil of their homeland for inspiration, they found it. With lyrics based upon centuries of strange history and folklore, and melodies, riffs, and themes deeply rooted in the band’s metal upbringing yet tinged with the doom and gloom of the northern Norwegian soul, they have created something distinctive in the genre. Arctic Heavy Metal if you will.

The band has been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the top producers in the genre. Roy Z (Dickinson/Halford/Helloween/Judas Priest) produced the critically acclaimed “A Voice Unheard” album, and due to the popularity of audience favorites “Fly Away” and “Outlaw” they have built a significant fan base for their own social media accounts. Especially South- and Middle America have been especially enthusiastic, proven by millions of plays of these songs.

2024 will see the release of the band’s next album, “Black Waves”, mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia). The two current singles “Wait For The Sun” and “Silver Ghost” have already received praise and positive coverage around the world.

After releasing their first two albums on the Australian label Battlegod Productions, the band has decided to break with tradition and start their own record label instead of signing with an already established one. The first release on Sorvik Rock Music will be the aforementioned “Black Waves”.

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