Behind The Artworks: Plastic Barricades - We Stayed Indoors (2023)

Elina Pasok, Plastic Barricades' long-time art-director talks about "We Stayed Indoors" album cover:

The core keywords for the album artwork were contemplation & introspection; indoors & mirrors; openness to the world & awe.

A transparent architectural structure is the "indoors". The walls are glass and mirrors that form a transparent box. You can look at the box as the literal "indoors" when we were contemplating life during the lockdowns. It's also a visual representation of the struggle to think "outside the box" while being encased in one.
Despite the glass container, there is an openness to the world beyond - splashes of vibrant colours of the sky, a reminder there's something special to discover if we just open our eyes and step out of our limits.

The album cover for Plastic Barricades' new record visually complements its themes of hope, mental health, living in the moment, and navigating uncertainties. The vibrant colors of the sky represent seeing positivity and beauty. In essence, the artwork captures the album's exploration of the human experience during reflection and isolation, encouraging listeners to embrace hope no matter what.

Stream the album here:

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