Behind The Tracks: Primal Creation - Not In My Backyard (Single) (2023)

Not In My Backyard. A term often linked to spatial planning and/or politics. With space more and more becoming a scarce commodity nowadays, it inspired me to write these lyrics. At the same time, I found some analogies to the thinking patterns of people. We as humans tend to get angry when decisions are made that have a very tangible and direct effect on our lives. That is when the Not In My Backyard reflex surfaces. On the other hand, when terrible evolutions take place that are out of sight and do not affect our lives directly, we do not seem to care or look up from our busy day-to-day activities. The poignant lack of long-term visions in our society and in politics seems to be a direct consequence of this dynamic.

"Whatever happened to others
It won't happen to me
As the ostridge never said
Leave me be"

Another quirk of the human race that seems to have a destructive effect on our future is the tendency to practice wishful thinking and turn a blind eye to inconvenient truths. As one imagines our headspace as our backyard, we tell ourselves it's not our responsibility or problem when something terrible happens that doesn't affect us immediately. In Dutch there's a figure of speech about an ostridge putting its head in the sand, thereby denying obvious problems by looking the other way. That's what I'm trying to refer to with these lines.

The main emotions I try to channel with this song are frustration, anger, and to a certain level some cynicism as well. I think the music conveys these emotions very well. It's a powerful track with some concise cutting riffs and some unexpected twists. All the while it stays very focused and in your face. I'm proud of what we accomplished by writing and recording Not In My Backyard.

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