Behind The Artworks: REAP - Born From Plague (2023)

So when we came up with the band idea, Jimmy and I were doing it during the Covid times and since we developed it during that time, I liked the idea of calling it “Born From Plague”
I didn’t really have an artist or specific piece of art that I had in mind, but I have been a friend of Tony Koehl for a long time, and I’m very familiar with his artwork. One day he posted a piece that I fell in love with instantly for the project because it seemed to work perfectly for it so I asked him if I could purchase it and told him about the project and here we are.
Since We didn’t really have a collaborative effort on the piece I asked Tony to write some words regarding him creating the piece.

Tony Koehl (Artist): This illustration was inspired by the pandemic and the uneasy feeling of the entire experience. I've been working with bands for over 20 years, but this one I did for myself to reflect how I was feeling and thinking. There was something insidious about the entire push of this narrative. I'm a fan of history and I just saw the pattern that the "Powers that Be" were doing. I wasn't going to fall for it and I was hoping that if I made this piece of art, it might help others to think a little deeper about the situation instead of falling prey to fear. I was actually shocked that Von wanted the piece for his new secret project. Typically any of my art in this nature gets overlooked. I've been a fan of Von and his bands over the years and I was happy to know that he wanted to use this to represent his music.

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